LASH LIFTING / or wave

Wimpernlaminierung Lifting Luzern


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with BrowLift 

A dreamlike curve lifts your eyelashes and makes them look much longer:

With a  Lash  Lifting  Your eyelashes stay in shape for 6 - 8 weeks with just one treatment. An eyelash curler or tedious trowelling up of the eyelashes are no longer necessary  Eyelashes coloring.  That  LAMINATION FLUID  supports  additionally the structure of the eyelashes after a treatment and ensures strong, shiny eyelashes with the  KERATIN BOOSTER,  a high-end fluid with the most valuable active ingredients:  Keratin, silk proteins, wheat proteins, panthenol.

Wimpern Extention Luzern

schon ab 90.-CHF

Eyelash extensions  with single hair lashes


Nature - Look / Compaction /  1: 1 single eyelash extension technique

at this  Technique, only an artificial eyelash is applied to a real eyelash.

Will  Individually  customized: L, J, B, C, CC  or D Curl, and div.  Strength.  

XD-  Russian  Volume look

Mascara Look, XD (Russian Volume)

Won't get that many lashes  applied as with volume  Look

Natural look, 1: 1 technology
Effect - eyelashes , outer corner of the eye,  Eyelash extensions
for your party !!!

according to the time required: about 30  min

Please to you:
  • when filling up from 4  Weeks or bad  State  book a new set!

  • at  fill up with eyelashes beforehand  Clean eyelash shampoo.

  • 100% come without make-up! (no make-up either) make-up  distance  10.-

  • Calm and  relaxed  lie.

  • don't sleep deeply  because  Twitches, there  I  work with pointed tweezers.

  • don't talk because the  Eyelashes  move.

  • Turn off the phone.  

  • do not take children with you.