Katja Nails Luzern

Nail design


Gel / gel lacquer or poly gel

Fingernail modeling perfectly and permanently.

If you opt for perfectly manicured fingernails, they belong to every woman of today, whether she is a mommy or a business lady. Did you know that 80% of men look at a woman's hands first.

If you have nail problems such as: soft, brittle, splintering and therefore too short nails, nervous nail bites , nail deformations or hormone-related growth disorders. With me, almost all nail problems are solved, in the shortest possible time with optimal results. 

For me there is no such thing as a "standard" nail shape, but an individual, fine result tailored to the customer. Whether you are looking for a strengthening of your natural nail with gel or  Decide on gel polish or want a complete nail extension, with me you are in the best of hands. In my offer I also have jewelry nails, wedding nails, nail cosmetics and much more (also for men).