4 treatments

200 CHF instead of 800 CHF

1 treatment

50.- CHF instead of 200.- CHF

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  Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation

High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer


Muscle building and fat reduction in one

In just a few steps  for a six-pack and firmer bottom.

The Emsculpt device has impulse-emitting handpieces that are superficially attached to the body part. They generate an electromagnetic field, the impulses of which stimulate the muscles to contract thousands of times within a very short time. The muscle performance is enormous due to this high frequency and corresponds to around 20,000 sit-ups (for treatment on the abdomen) or as many squats (for treatment on the buttocks) during the 30-minute session. When building muscle with Emsculpt, supramaximal contractions are achieved. This type of muscle activity corresponds to certain exercises in bodybuilding or other weight training. The muscles are tensed much more than is actually necessary for normal movements. Particularly heavy weights are used for this in the weight room in the fitness studio. Few fully supramaximal contractions are possible with conventional training. The electromagnetic field in the Emsculpt can do a lot more in a short time.

  The method is ideal for those of normal weight or those who are slightly overweight who don't train.  

And an effective workout for fitness enthusiasts

HIEMT is therefore aimed at fitness types who want to intensify their training and who want faster results.

Optimal  Treatment:

  • 4 treatments within approx. 2 to 3 weeks

  • 30 minutes per zone